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10 curiosities about the Sardinian filigree

Lion Holiday Sardinia - filigrana sarda

Discover the beauty and uniqueness of Sardinian filigree: an ancient craft art that obtained UNESCO recognition as Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2017. Jewelry made with Sardinian filigree has great popularity in Europe, especially in France, Germany and the UK, but is also very popular in North America and Asia.

Sardinian filigree art is becoming increasingly popular, with a 15% increase in exports in recent years. Each craftsman has their own unique style and each area of Sardinia has its own tradition of filigree, which makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.

Sardinian filigree objects are not only jewels, but also decorative objects such as candlesticks, vases, photo frames and much more. Silver is the metal most used in Sardinian filigree, followed by copper and gold.

The Sardinian filigree technique has been influenced by cultures that have had contact with Sardinia, such as the Phoenicians, the Arabs and the Catalans. These influences can be seen in the designs and motifs used in Sardinian filigree. It was originally intended for the wealthier classes of Sardinian society; however, over time it has become more accessible and today it is enjoyed by people of all social classes.

Sardinian filigree is an art in great demand, thanks to its uniqueness and beauty (the case of the Sardinian wedding ring is famous). It is a very complex technique that requires skill and patience to master, but which represents Sardinian culture and tradition in an authentic way.

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