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Typical Sardinian cuisine: carasau bread

Lion holiday sardinia - pane carasau - cucina sarda

Have you ever tried a bread so crunchy and tasty that you can't say no? A bread so delicate that it can accompany any meal, sweet or savoury, always remaining special?

This special bread exists and is originally from Sardinia, it is called pane carasau. Sound familiar to you? Not surprising, as anyone who passes through Sardinia ends up trying it. Both in restaurants and agritourisms, carasau bread represents the visiting card of Sardinian authenticity.

But what does "carasau" mean? The term derives from the Sardinian dialect and, in particular, from the verb "carasare" which literally means "to toast". This is where its incredible crunchiness comes from!

In addition to the taste, carasau bread also had a practical function for the ancient shepherds who inhabited the Sardinian lands. The roasting allowed for a long conservation and, together with its high energy value and lightness, made it the ideal travel companion for those same shepherds who every year had to leave home for several weeks during transhumance periods.

We recommend accompanying it with the cold cuts and pickles typical of our land, but it is good in any way. Do not you believe it? Try it with Nutella instead of regular bread and you'll see...


But we are never satisfied in Italy, and so we found a way to make carasau bread even better. In Sardinia, we have used what our Mediterranean land offers us best: oil and salt. The addition of these "drops" of olive oil between the first and second baking makes the bread even more crunchy, and a pinch of salt when it's still hot makes it even tastier. This is how pane guttiau was born, a delicacy!

This is not just Sardinian pride, but an Italian culinary delight. For this reason, we at Gioia Sarda invite you to rediscover these flavors, thanks to our handcrafted models specially dedicated to these delicacies.

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